20 Miles, 40 Miles, 100k, 100 Miler   

Saturday April 29th 2017


This is a West Coast version of the Barkley Marathons. 
So what's the hardest 100 miler in the US?
It's not Barkley.  Barkley is more like 130 miles. 
So Hardrock then?  Or is it Ouray?
Well what's next?
As of now it's been doubling the distance.
But I have your answer to what's next .
This 100k alone has as much gain as the Hardrock 100.
The answer is Baldy Marathons!

Start and finish is at the Mount Baldy Ski Lodge above Mount Baldy, CA.​
Laps 3 & 4 will be in reverse direction.

The ski lift is usually open at 7:00am, or it's an easy(ish) 2.5 mile hike to the ski lodge.  You pass through the ski lodge half way into the loop for a self supported aid station.  
Parking your car in the ski lift parking lot will let you pass by your car just after the halfway point of each loop

The information below on this page is the only information that will be given out until race day. 
I'll answer questions if you get hold of me, but that's about it.

The photos and comments in the posts below contain very important information that you will have to navigate with on race day. 
I'll also have a much better map at race day for you to look at. 
The race packet will remain the same, (a hand drawn map and a punch card).


1) 34* 15' 54.97" N 117* 36'29.55" W / 8,500' - R&L Trail​​​​

2) 34* 15' 42.56" N 117* 35' 54.16" W / 8,967' - Eric's Plunge

3) 34* 15' 58.20" N 117* 35' 29.56" W / 8,545' - L on Satan's

4) 34* 16' 20.21" N 117* 35' 24.04" W / 7,476' - Hades

5) 34* 17' 09.95" N 117* 35' 21.43" W / 6,200' - Hell

6) 34* 17' 13.72" N 117* 35' 20.37" W / 5,848' - Upper Basin

7) 34* 17' 20.86" N 117* 35' 34.20" W / 6,480' - Top of Doom

8) 34* 17' 39.77" N 117* 35' 55.77" W / 6,150' - L Turn up Emilio's

9) 34* 16' 55.00" N 117* 36' 54.00" W / 8,475' - Candyland

10) 34* 16' 07.00" N 117* 37' 28.50" W / 6,410' - Ginny's Crawl

11) 34* 16' 06.44" N 117* 37' 49.24" W / 6,700' - The Big Climb

12) 34* 17' 04.30" N 117* 37' 56.56" W / 9,340' - Candyland

13) 34* 17' 52.37" N 117* 38' 33.70" W / 8,780' - Joel's Gap

Welcome to Baldy Marathons.
These are the directions to help you embark upon your journey.

To Punch "B"
From Aaron's Pad, climb up Beginners Hill to the top.
While coming down, continue left on Ronny and Lorelei's Trail, (GPS #1).
Take the left up to the top of the peak. (GPS #2).
Continue in the same direction, (North) as the trail goes past the peak to descend Eric's Plunge.
Make sure you do not descend Eric's Plunge Past the ridge.
After 1/2 mile on the flatter ridge, turn 45 degrees to the left down Satan's Ridge, (GPS #3).
There's a worn foot trail going down the first 1/4 mile that goes around the right of the first few hilltops.
Head to the North (right) down to the wash "Hades" 
before Satan's Ridge gets too sketchy to (GPS #4).
When the wash starts to narrow you will be going around 2 sets of trees not far apart from each other.
There's a steep 10 foot drop after each set of trees.
After the trees you come to some 3 foot high boulders where the wash gets steeper from there.
Punch "B".

Top photo:
From the top of Eric's Plunge looking down to Satan's Ridge.

Middle photo:
The turn down to Satan's Ridge.

Bottom photo:
Punch "B"

​​​​​​​​​ To Punch "A"
At the bottom of the wash, (Hell), stay toward the left side of the wash to (GPS #5).
Cross the Molten Creek just to the right of where the sand colored vertical wall comes down opposite side of the creek.
Go around the vertical growing tree that's 20 yards left of the giant sequoia and catch the faint trail west to the road.
Turn right onto the dirt road (down).
Follow the road down 200-300 yards.
You will come to an opening on the right with a big downed tree.
You will find a faint trail on the left to the top of the Upper Plateau 100 feet before the tree.
At the top of Upper Platue (GPS #6), look west.
That little hill on the other side is Impending Doom.
Go across the plateau the easiest way possible.
Follow the Impending Doom up.
At the top you will come to Finally Road (GPS #7).

(Unless you are going to quit, going up Quitters Road to Aaron's Pad is not allowed).

Follow Finally Road down and take Emilio's Way (GPS #8) .
The correct ridge up Emilio's Way is the first ridge that's 200 yards before the gate.
It will start to and stay steep as you go up, then you will come to a 100 yard long section that is nearly flat.
At the end of the section the ridge becomes a knife edge.
Punch "A".

Top picture:
Multon Creek crossing 

Middle picture:
The turn up from the road after crossing the creek to the Upper Plague.

Bottom picture:
The Upper Platue looking west to Impending Doom.

To Punch "L"
Emilio's Way has a false top 2/3rds the way from a ridge joining from the left.
At the top of the ridge (GPS #9), take Candyland back down to Aaron's Pad.
From Aaron's Pad, go around the bell and take the Upper Ski Lift down to Baldy Road.

DO NOT take Baldy Road down from the ski lodge, (Doing so will get you disqualified).

At Baldy Road, turn left for 10 yards to the big downed tree and take the Ski Lift down.
Take the Ski Lift down to the Zig-Zags.
Take the Zig-Zags to the Painted Rock.
There is a short cut on the Zig-Zags (take it).
Punch "L"
Top picture:
The Zig Zags

Bottom picture:
​The Painted Rock

To Punch "D"
Directly in back of the Painted Rock, head straight up Ginny's Crawl to Baldy Road.
Take Baldy Road left, (down) for about a 1/4 mile and take Baldy Bowl Trail on the right.
After only 160 yards, turn right up The Big Climb, (GPS #11).
In just 300 yards there's a log(s) blocking a false 10 foot long trail.
Punch "D"
Picture- Punch "D"

​To Punch "Y"
At the top of The Big Climb, (GPS #12), follow Candyland to Heaven.
Head north down Triumph Hill to the saddle.
When you hit the lowest part of the saddle, (Joel's Gap), there's a 10 foot climb to better ground.
As soon as you climb up that little spot at (GPS #13), head right at 4 o'clock toward the wash (lowest point of the area) for 150'.
You will see a fallen tree that split where it hit another tree while falling.
On the opposite side in the roots where the 2 trees come together is Punch "Y".

Top photo:
Punch "Y" from Joel's Gap

Bottom photo:
Punch "Y"