20 MILES   - 13:20 HOURS
40 MILES   - 26:40 HOURS
100K           - 40:00 HOURS

100 MILES - 60:00 HOURS

50K.            - 20:00 HOURS

Laps 3 & 4 will be in reverse direction.
Lap 5 will be runners choice, (as long as all 5 punches get punched).

If you continue to the next lap, the previous laps cut-off time does not apply.
You have to finish the 100K or start lap 4 in under 40 hours.

Everyone who starts can go for the 100 Miler.
You will also get credit for the 20 & 40 miler and the 100k if you finish (on time) and stop at those distances. 

APRIL 28, 2018

9:00 am

100K & 100 Miler
10:00 am

​​After you register, become a member of the Facebook page:
"Baldy Marathons 100 Mile Challenge”.

For the 50K it’s the Facebook page:
”Baldy Marathons 50K”
(* You will only be allowed on this page if you are a registered runner*)
The page has all the information you'll need until race day.​  GPS Coordinates on this Facebook page are the correct ones.  There are also more precise rules on those pages.

So what's the hardest 100 miler in the US?

It's not Barkley.  Barkley is over 130 miles.
Whether you think it's Hardrock or Ouray, there's still one unanswered question.

What's next???

As of now it's been doubling the distance. 
But I have your answer to what's next.
This 100k alone has as much gain as the Hardrock 100.
The answer is Baldy Marathons!

Start and finish is at the Mount Baldy Ski Lodge above Mount Baldy, CA.​

The ski lift is usually open at 7:00am, or it's a 2.5 mile hike to start at the ski lodge.  

The lift will not open if it is too windy.

You pass through the ski lodge halfway into the loop.
There's water and restrooms 24/7 and the ski lodge restaurant opens on the weekends at 8am.

*** Do not bring anything up to the ski lodge.***
***There is no way to look after anything.***
***Your vehicle will be your supported aid station.***

Parking your vehicle at the ski lift parking lot will let you pass right by at mile 12, (mile 8 on reverse loops).

You will need a National Forest Adventure Pass 
for your vehicle.
(If you are ticketed, it's just a $5 ticket, but you have to mail in the ticket).

This race is free because it is just a fat-ass / meet-up run.  

You can have a pacer after the 1st loop, as long as the number of runners and pacers remaining stays under 25 people.
I can not get a permit where you go, so you are out there on your own behalf.

Welcome to Baldy Marathons.
Here are the directions to help you embark upon your journey.

From Aaron's Pad, climb up Beginners Hill.
While coming down, continue left on Ronny and Lorelei's Trail.
Take the left up to the top of Eric's Plunge.
Continue north and descend Eric's Plunge to the flatter ridge.
Turn left down Satan's Ridge then down to Hades.
At Hell, cross the Molten Creek and head up to the dirt road.
Turn right down the dirt road and take the faint path to the top of the Upper Plateau.
Go across The Upper Plateau and follow Impending Doom up.
Follow Finally Road down and take Emilio's Way up.
At the very top of Emilio's Way, take Candyland back down to Aaron's Pad.
Take the Ski Chute down to 
the Zig-Zags and the Painted Rock.
Head straight up Ginny's Crawl to Baldy Road.
Take Baldy Road down and take the trail to the right.
Turn right up the trail on The Big Climb to Candyland then up to Heaven.

Head down Triumph Hill to Joel's Gap.
Head back up Triumph Hill to Heaven and take Candyland back to Aaron's Pad.

Laps 3 & 4 will be in reverse.  Lap 5 will be runners choice, (as long as you get all the punches).
​For the 50K, the first loop will be the same as the 100k and 100 milers.  The last 11 miles will be a reverse of the first half of loop1 plus an out and back on Whimps Ridge. 
Previous Finishers:
(*) = Number of miles completed.

7 Starters - No Finishers.
It was an icy mess.

APRIL 2016
11 Starters - 3 Finishers
28 degree temps, whiteout conditions and 95mph gusts.
20 Miles
1.  12:06 Joel Gat 
2.  12:57 Ginny LaForme
3.  12:57 Eric Robinson

1 OCTOBER 2016
14 Starters - 2 Finishers
Perfect Weather 
20 Miles
1.  9:15 Eric Robinson (*30)
2. 11:06 Ginny Laforme

29 APRIL 2017
27 Staters - 11 Finishers
Just a little wind.
20 Miles
​1.  9:05 Eric Robinson (*30)
2. 10:08 Chris Johnson
3. 10:50 Tina Ure
4. 11:02 Matt Ardine (*30)
5. 11:20 Matthew Menacher
6. 11:35 Keshav Dahiya 
7. 11:35 Gus Safar 
8. 11:39 Ginny LaForme
9. 13:08 Rachel Ballard
1. 36:38 James Bueno
1. 36:38 Scott Martin

13 Staters - 6 Finishers
Perfect weather

​1.  8:07 Aaron Flynn (*30) CR
2.  8:10 Aar Jay Soria (*30)
3. 10:22 Gus Safar
4. 10:22 Eric Su
5. 12:00 Jeremey Katopol

6. 12:54 Timo Siltanen
1. 35:12 Eric Robinson CR