20 Miles, 40 Miles, 100k, 100 Miler   

Saturday October  1st 2016


So what's the hardest 100 miler in the US?
It's not Barkley.  Barkley is more like 130 miles. 
So Hardrock then?
Well what's next?
As of now it's been doubling the distance.
But I have your answer to what's next .
This 100k alone has as much gain as the Hardrock 100.
The answer is Baldy Marathons!

Start and finish is at the Mount Baldy Ski Lodge above Mount Baldy, CA.
A little more detailed directions than what's already on the facebook page will be handed out 1 hour prior to the start.
A manditory meeting will be held 45 minutes prior to the start.  Laps 3 & 4 will be in reverse direction.

The ski lift is usually open at 7:30am(???), or it's an easy(ish) 3.2 mile hike to the ski lodge.  You pass through the ski lodge half way into the loop for a self supported aid station.  
Parking your car in the bottom ski lift parking lot will let you pass by your car just after the halfway point of each loop.

For more information, check it out on ​ facebook under "Baldy Marathons".  
If interested in please let me know (Aaron Sorensen) on Facebook or
Statart time:  October 2016 event
100 miler - 9am Sartuday, October 1st           (60 hour time cut-off)
100k -          9am Saturday, October 1st           (40 hour time cut-off)
2 laps -       10am Saturday, October 1st     (26:40 time cut-off)
1 lap -         10am Saturday, October 1st     (13:40 hour time cut-off)

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