20 Miles, 40 Miles, 100k, 100 Miler   

Saturday April 29th 2017


This is a West Coast version of the Barkley Marathons. 
So what's the hardest 100 miler in the US?
It's not Barkley.  Barkley is more like 130 miles. 
So Hardrock then?  

Or is it Ouray?
Well what's next?
As of now it's been doubling the distance.
But I have your answer to what's next .
This 100k alone has as much gain as the Hardrock 100.
The answer is Baldy Marathons!

Start and finish is at the Mount Baldy Ski Lodge above Mount Baldy, CA.​
Laps 3 & 4 will be in reverse direction.
​Lap 5 will be runners choice.

The ski lift is usually open at 7:00am, or it's an easy(ish) 2.5 mile hike to the ski lodge.  

You pass through the ski lodge half way into the loop.  
There's water and restrooms 24/7 and the ski lodge and the restaurant is open on the weekends at 8am.

******Your car will be your self supported aid station.
Do not bring anything up to the ski lodge.  There will be no way to look after anything.******

Parking your car in the ski lift parking lot will let you pass by your car just after the halfway point of each loop.

There are 3 rules you need to know.
1. You are not allowed to use Baldy Road (unless you are quitting) from the top of Impending Doom to Aaron's Pad on the north side or from the top of Ginny's Crawl to Aaron's Pad on the south side.

2. You can not purposely leave the named locations of the course for the sake of finding a shortcut.  However, skipping switchbacks and cutting corners are allowed.

3. If you are not able to locate a punch (1st lap only), you can show other proof you were there with either a time stamped saved GPS or unmistakable photos of the location and surroundings of the punch.

There are also two good rules of stewardship.
1. Please do not post a GPS file of the course in a way that anyone can just download it on to their electronic gadget and follow a line. 

2. When discussing the course online or in your race report, please use the nomenclature from the Baldy directions and do not use the common names.